Doctor Who?

I’ve been trying to avoid it, but I can’t escape the news of the new Doctor. I live in the states and I don’t have a television so I always watch my shows when they come out on DVD. That means I catch The Doctor in November (I just finished season four, to illustrate). I like the element of surprise/discovery in my TV shows, so I try to avoid spoilers — or any clues at all — when I can. With most shows, this is easy: avoid any articles pertaining to the show.

Not so Doctor Who. The change even made the BBC news that they read out every half hour on Radio 5 (in’l). Who could’ve predicted that in 1963? I yanked off my headphones to avoid it and heard only the first syllable.

Anyway, as a result I know the actor’s name (if I’ve put it together right).  Luckily I don’t know anything about the actor — and will try not to learn anything until I see him as the new Doctor.

Sigh. I can dream, can’t I?


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