Netted Bead Necklace, Part 1

About a year ago, I needed an outfit to attend two weddings. Failing to find a suitable dress, I decided to make my outfit. I made a 1950’s inspired pink shantung dress  with a blue sash and a blue necklace to go with it. I was never too pleased with the dress’s fit, but the necklace I liked:

Blue Netted Necklace

Blue Netted Necklace

You will notice that there are some brownish beads at the points, in the vertical section and below the large blue drops.

These used to be bright gold.

What I didn’t know when I made the necklace was that not all beads are made equal. These came in a canister and they were cheap — turned out they were not a such a bargain after all.

Apparently galvanized finishes wear off (or chip off in this case) very easily, especially when you wear the necklace in Maine in the summer (and sweat!)

When I tried to use these beads in other projects, I barely got past the first few rows before the color was coming off. Sometimes I think wear adds to the look of the piece, but in this case, the blues need the bright gold. And with these beads the gold is still coming off. I try to make things that will last awhile (a sort of rebellion against disposable culture, I guess) out of real materials. When the necklace was new, it looked like an homage to Queen Nefertiti, but now, it’s kind of sad looking. Not that I’ll stop wearing it. I considered making it over – but since I have so much else to do, It will have to fall apart before I’m motivated to go back to it.

Here you can see the unfortunate beads a little better:

Showing the "Gold" Beads.

Showing the "Gold" Beads

So lesson learned: buy the more expensive materials when you can.

Incidentally, this is the same necklace that my cat is wearing in the header.


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