I organize. Actually I have a job which entails organizing. Since I organize things at least 7 hours out of five days of the week, I’ve developed a taste for it. Creativity certainly comes easier if you are organized. I’m not talking about the act of getting ideas –sometimes you need to throw the cards on that table and look for random patterns.  I mean in figuring out how to implement the ideas.  Get the idea then write it down, and when the idea has been fleshed out a bit all the materials to make it can be found without losing momentum.

I know I should keep myself better organized. I would get a lot more done. I do keep files on my computer religiously organized and my beads, which would be as someone once put it ‘bead soup’ if i didn’t. I was just organizing my beads and a beading materials last night, which inspired the subject of this post.

To keep myself and the myriad assortment of  brain waves that I get regularly, I keep lists. Lists upon lists.

Things I keep lists for:

  • To Do List
  • Stories I’m working on
  • Books I’d like to read.
  • Goals for the next month (or so)
  • Characters
  • Scenes (Not necessarily related to the characters above)
  • Colors in a picture I like
  • Colors that I like
  • Possible subjects for a themed necklace
  • Names (First and Last)
  • Websites
  • Possible posts for this blog
  • Songs that I want in the movie version of my story (dream big, right?).
  • Character attributes
  • Settings (again, not necessarily related any other story I’m working on)
  • Pen colors I’d like to buy
  • Things I need to do at work
  • How I’ve arranged all the files at work
  • Titles
  • Quotes
  • Bibliographies/sources (even for my own projects)
  • Ideas for ice cream flavors

Used to be I could remember a selection of things. I either got fat and lazy or old, probably both, but I started needing to write things down.  As long as I have compartments for things, be it pads of paper, beads, books, ideas, or colors, I can find them again. If I don’t have a place to put it, it becomes part of the ether, and is lost. Or lost and then found at some inconvenient time, like in the shower or after I’ve bought a new one.


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