Netted Bead Necklace, Part 2

I finally found the book that I got the stitches for this necklace:

Blue Netted Necklace

Blue Netted Necklace

The book is The Pattern Companion: Beading, by Ann Benson, Gay Bowles, Valerie Campbell-Harding, Jane Davis, Elizabeth Gourley, Ellen Talbott, and Carol Wilcox Wells. I think it’s a compliation of many different works, hence the many authors.

Basically, this necklace is composed of a pair of chevron chains. To attach them, they share a line of beads on a bottom and a top. Online instructions for a basic chevron chain can be found at Bead It, Babe!, on this page.

A Closer look at the necklace:

Blue Net Detail

Blue Net Detail

Variations can be made on the chain to yield different looks. I used two rows of chevron chain, stacked. The top row has four shared beads in a column, with two in between. The bottom row shares three beads, two on the top (one of light and dark blue, of you look closely), with two to separate and a picot on the bottom row of beads. Once you master the basic chain, making alterations to the pattern is very easy. Actually talking about it, and conceiving it is much harder than actually doing it.

The rows share a base, except where I split them.  It didn’t hang like i wanted so I stitched between them with the blue and ill-considered gold beads. You can see those columns in the upper portion of the picture. along the top of the top chain I added another row of beads to squinch in the inner row and make the necklace curve. Those aren’t part of the chevron chain, but a later edition. I added the glass blue drops and “gold” beaded daisies as a last touch.

Here is a simpler bead collar I did with a similar technique:

Pink Net

Pink Net

Unfortunately the stop – bead technique that worked so well with the silk thread in the blue necklace didn’t hold as well with the thinner Superlon thread. You can see the decay if you look near the clasp.


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