Beaded Rope

I finally gave in.

I was going to use beading as an incentive to finish my linen embroidery, as in: once the linen centerpiece is done, I can start a beading project.


I’m at the cutting stage and I want very good natural light to make sure it goes well (those threads are small). I rarely get home from work soon enough to take advantage of the light. So while I was going quietly mad, pudding off the itch to fool around with some beads, and since I have two beading books from the library, I started these:

Beaded Ropes

Beaded Ropes

They are fairly simple to make, but take some patience and a little attention.

I got my instructions from The Pattern Companion: Beading, by Ann Benson, Gay Bowles, Valerie Campbell-Harding, Jane Davis, Elizabeth Gourley, Ellen Talbott, and Carol Wilcox Wells. In the interests of linkability, and because other people can explain better than me, the instructions here are basically the same.(From All about Jewellery Making). My examples above, have a larger bead core (like 8/0) with 11/0 as the spiral. The book had several

The attention part comes in because these have to be kept neatly taut or the spiral starts to slip. Maybe it was the super thin thread I was using (Nymo 00, I think. I had an excess). These were test pieces, but I’m thinking I might makes one of these for a present (not saying for who! Not yet!) with a thicker thread. They have an attractive weight about them and they drape nicely.


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