Hellooo Portland!

I’m in the pacific northwest, visiting my friend Dustin in Portland, Oregon. I’ve only been here since the middle of yesterday, but I like it. I’ve also had nearly 16 oz. of beer and I’m falling over. I’m such a lightweight.

I’ve been taking some pictures too — which I shall post. I also got Dustin to with me into the downtown (the southwest quarter I guess?) to Powell’s Bookstore. This place needs a map (which Dustin retrieved for me from one of the elevators) to find your way around. It is enormous – a city block. I was in heaven until my ankles started to hurt. I was still looking around three hours later and I wasn’t done. They have a mixture of used and new, so some book that may not be in more conventional bookstores could be found in Powell’s. They buy books, which I find a plus as I have plenty to sell. I found Buzz Aldrin’s Return to Earth there, as well as plenty of graphic novels. It almost was too much.

We got on 9 limited bus — which meant it would not stop at our stop– to get home. We got off a few blocks away from Dustin’s apartment and walked. On the way we stopped at “Hopworks, Urban Brewery” where I had the beer that nearly pushed me over. Good stuff. They had a sort of quirky interior — with the salt and pepper being stored in old fuse boxes, and the hanging light’s wires draped over bycycle wheels as sort of a pulley mechanism.

I like Portland (what I’ve seen of it so far). It has a sort of open airy feel between buildings that San Francisco has, but also a chilly stone quality and bare trees I see in New York. Also, it’s strange to look up an see spiky evergreens on the horizon.

Going back to Valentine’s day, I made some unexiting cards for my parents (accompanied by chocolate) and a more exciting valentine for my sister which I will post as soon as I send it to her — the last time I tried, it bounced.

Powell’s Books


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