Sock Bunny!

This is a charming little stuffed animal to make for the person that has everything else. It’s easy and cute. I first saw one when a friend was given one as a birthday gift. I examined it, and figured it wasn’t so hard to make (and it isn’t).

Bunny Materials

Bunny Materials

I also used yarn for the face, but I suppose you could use embroidery thread for the face as well as everything else. You are going to need A lot more wool roving than this to get a nice firm bunny.

  1. Stuff the sock with the wool until you get to the bottom of the ankle. the heel should be filled out as well, and he should be firm and plump.
  2. Sew up the bottom of the ankle where the stuffing ends.
  3. Tie off the neck under the heel by wrapping with thread and pulling tight.
  4. Pin the two sides of the ankle together. Mark out the curve to create the ears and cut out two rounded ear shapes from the ankle portion of the sock.
  5. Sew up the edges of the ears to make them lie flat.

    Blank Bunny, with Labels

    Blank Bunny, with Labels

  6. On the toe of the sock, draw a line down the middle to mark out the division of the legs. Sew down that line and pull tight so that it forms a deep valley. Sew back the same way to make the valley continuous (backstitching). Tie it off.
  7. On either side of the sock, mark out the arms. These will be sewn the same way as the divide of the legs, only they will come in from either side. Make them start somewhere above the legs and at least an inch below the neck (more probably, use your judgment).
  8. For the face, mark out the eyes, nose and mouth with pins (you may have to move them about so don’t draw them).
  9. Secure the yarn or thread low on the neck so that it is covered by the ribbon. Sew up to the nearest eye-marker and sew eyes: mine are two parallel straight stitches and a french knot between them.

    The Face of the Sock Bunny

    The Face of the Sock Bunny

  10. To make the nose and mouth combination, sew two long parallel stitches a ways from each other. When sticking the needle in to secure the bottom parallel stitch, make it exit just below the middle of the top stitch. Loop the needle under the top stitch and pull it down as you pull the stitches tight. Sew under the lower stitch and pull it up by entering the needle somewhere above the point made by the mouth. Exit where you want the second eye.
  11. Make the second eye the same as the first, and exit low on the other side of the neck where you entered (you can probably exit the same way you came in, I just think this is easier).
  12. Tie the ribbon around it’s neck with a bow.

I don’t think I’ve left anything out, so with it’s ribbon, your bunny should look like this:

The Sock Bunny, Finished

The Sock Bunny, Finished

I writing this from memory, so if I have left something out, or you are having trouble, leave a note in the comments section.



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2 responses to “Sock Bunny!

  1. Liana McKaye

    Very cute idea! This would make a neat gift for my goddaughter 🙂

  2. thanks! This little bunny is perfect to go with a vintage doll bed I found for my niece =) Gonna make it this week!

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