Fruit and Booze, Part 2

Awhile ago, I detailed how I put some fruit to soak in vodka. The idea was that the fruit would impart it’s flavor on the vodka (and I could use the fruit for baking).

After about  two months the fruit looked like this (the little jar is half gone because my mother and I had to ‘test’ it):

The Fruit Flavored Vodka

The Fruit Flavored Vodka

The Fat Bellied Jar is an orange liqueur, made from obscene amounts of sugar (as in sugar measured in cups) and orange peel (and vodka). The tall dark jar is the same but with cherries.

They all came out about what I expected, though I think plain cherries is better than cherry/apricot and the pear is as bold as I would’ve liked (but that is pears for you). My favorites are definetly the liqueurs. I like really sweet things though.


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