Copper Earrings

I made these earrings in the middle of April. I was going to give them away, but I didn’t like the workmanship (you can see the threads too well), so I didn’t give them away.

Red Stone and Copper Earrings

Red Stone and Copper Earrings

They are constructed with two sizes of copper beads (2 3mm, and 10 4mm), two silver donut-shaped beads, a twisted red jasper (I think), a jump ring, thin beading thread, and a ear wire.

The top part is the daisy chain stitch.  On the longer of the two tails I stacked a 3mm copper bead, a silver donut, and the twisted stone bead. at the bottom is three 4mm copper beads. I then threaded the tail back up the way I’d come until I go to the second tail, where, for lack of anything better to do, I tied a knot (with  dab of glue). I had to jam a jump ring in the top bead to attach the ear wires — not only difficult but probably weakened the thread too.

I like the design, but I need to work the kinks out, so they look more polished.


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