Self Motivation and Deadlines

So, I’ve decided to resurrect this blog. I realized when I signed in just now, that I didn’t post at all in 2011. I spent most of that time going to community college to learn how to be a paralegal. I had it “up to here” with writing and turning things in, in general. But now, I’ve graduated and in between jobs, I have the time and presence of mind to post again.

While in school, I did do some writing besides school assignments. I won two NaNoWriMo years while in school after all, a ScriptFrenzy (sadly a recently defunct challenge similar to NaNo), and while I was commuting to school I started another science fiction novel. But despite that I couldn’t find the time to write on this blog.

Part of this was self motivation –Deadlines are so much better at motivating me. Cross this line and —  something bad happens. Or something like that. NaNo and ScriptFrenzy were great deadlines. There is a start and a finish, the thing doesn’t spread out into infinity. There is only so much room for procrastination, not an entire lifetime.

Writing on the bus wasn’t a deadline as such, but it had a limited timespan and  lets face it, there is not much else I’m doing on the bus besides reading, writing or listening to my iPod. When I got to school, I would have to put my writing away and think about other things. I got a lot done, but then my commute ended before the novel did, and I’ve been doing other things ever since.

Now I’m doing NaNoWriMo Camp, so I can have more deadlines (I like them. For noveling). This pared down version of NaNo takes place in June and August. I was browsing through a thread someone had post about user’s blogs and realized that I still create stuff and I have time. I can still talk about what I make, which is what this blog was created for.


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