In Dreams Begin…

The Brooklyn Bridge, because it was as appropriate as anything. I always try to remember my dreams. Sometimes I succeed, and often I don’t. A few nights ago I had a dream that I posted the perfect blog post. It had an engaging subject, and nice picture and step by step instructions. It was brilliant.

I just can’t remember what it was about. If I could, I would have posted it.

A few days later, I had dream about a magical curiosity shop. In my dream state I tucked it away as a good novel idea. I still can’t remember the central conflict. More that once I composed entire symphonies in my sleep and not remembered even the main theme the next day. To know you’ve don’t something brilliant in your head, but not remember what that thing is infuriating.

But, as much as I forget, there are a few nights when they’ve been really useful. In 2007, I literally dreamed the ending to my NaNo. I dreamed a short story several years before that. I sometimes dream about people I didn’t realize I remembered. Supposedly, Mendeleev dreamed his version of the periodic table. I can’t imagine the succeeding centuries without it.

Don’t underestimate your dreams.


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