Deep Fried

I haven’t been doing much crafting these last two weeks, but I have been cooking. Nothing too extravagant, mostly meals.

I have several recipes that I go back to, using a substituting some of the ingredients– a seed cake, pancakes… and something called ‘Corn Oysters.’

I originally found the recipe in Samantha’s Cook Book, a publication made to accompany Pleasant Company’s Historical Doll of the same name. I’m not sure they are in print any more, but Amazon has listings for the Cookbooks.

Basically it a batter with stuff in it.

The batter is:

1/4 C milk,

1/3 C flour

1 egg

with 1/2 tsp each salt and pepper.

Mix this with 2 C frozen corn kernels (rinsed to remove ice crystals) and fry spoonfuls of batter in 2 TBS each of  butter and veggie oil. Flip midway through to make sure they get golden on both sides. Drain on paper towels.

Rather than use corn, I use whatever’s on hand — stir fry veggies, frozen fruits or even canned peaches — though those retain a bit too much liquid. The smaller the pieces, the better these little fritters cook.  With the fruit I omit the pepper.

I also made these with fresh apples, which I chopped into bitty pieces (about 1 CM)  and measured out 2 cups. It was about one large apple or two small. Instead of the pepper, I used cinnamon.

Bananas… Or frozen strawberries, retaining the pepper… I can think of a million more variations.

One last note: they need to be eaten right away, not left in the fridge to get soggy.


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