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Link of the Week

I’m probably going to be a bit scarce this month with Script Frenzy and all.

I’ve gotten a bit behind in my pages (I’m still in the 25 page range, when I should’ve hit 30 by now).  I thought I’d leave everyone with this link:

The Ten Doctors

It’s a fan comic of Doctor Who using all the Doctors up to the tenth (obviously). It is brilliant and clever and can even substitute for the real thing in between seasons. That’s how good it is.

It’s also quite inspiring: It’s un-inked which preserves the vitality of the drawing. For the aspiring graphic novelist in me it’s also helpful to see how the figures are put together, and how with the right marks they can be made to be both simple and indentifiable.


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Curse you Hulu. And Netflix. And Stumbleupon. And Youtube. And clips of kittens falling asleep. Curse You!

Not really, because I love them all.

I was going to write about the cookies I made on saturday using a vegan recipe, and how they were all eaten withing two days, but I got distracted.

Right now, it’s episodes of Airwolf. Yes that’s right, the show with the helicopter and the protagonist called ‘Stringfellow Hawke.’ That name is mareketing genius. Who would forget it?

Anyway, after getting home from work I’m all ready to get distracted. It’s just that I regret not doing something constructive with my free time, when I don’t have that time anymore. I’ve got writing to catch up on, embroidery I promised my mother, beads and sewing projects.

It’s great to start all these things, but the key is to finish them. I used to start stuff that I would never finish. After trying to write a novel in a month, I realized that it was the second week (or the first 30 pages) that would through me off. It’s the doubt after the initial high that I’m most distractable.  Anything can distract me. I’ve often thought I should find a computer that doesn’t have the internet or I will end up watching clips of Hannah Montana (definitely not my demographic, and only interesting because I’m supposed to be doing something else). Of course, if I make it through second week, I’m good.

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Doctor Who?

I’ve been trying to avoid it, but I can’t escape the news of the new Doctor. I live in the states and I don’t have a television so I always watch my shows when they come out on DVD. That means I catch The Doctor in November (I just finished season four, to illustrate). I like the element of surprise/discovery in my TV shows, so I try to avoid spoilers — or any clues at all — when I can. With most shows, this is easy: avoid any articles pertaining to the show.

Not so Doctor Who. The change even made the BBC news that they read out every half hour on Radio 5 (in’l). Who could’ve predicted that in 1963? I yanked off my headphones to avoid it and heard only the first syllable.

Anyway, as a result I know the actor’s name (if I’ve put it together right).  Luckily I don’t know anything about the actor — and will try not to learn anything until I see him as the new Doctor.

Sigh. I can dream, can’t I?

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