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April Alien

Taxaspi and Coffee


Here is a picture of one of the aliens I wrote into my Nanowrimo Camp. I know they are going to come to earth at some point and they are going to want coffee. The colors are anemic, so that have to re-think/ re-draw it at some point.


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Stumptown Round-up

Lennon SketchI spent the weekend at the Stumptown Comics Fest. Both days! I went last year and I had so much fun talking to comics creators and touching the comics they created. I’m a huge fan of comics in paper-space. I like the tactile qualities of screen printed covers, and glossy or laser printed pages. I also attended a bunch of panels and workshops to learn more about comics.

Some of the awesome comics I bought:

There were so many more I wish I could have bought. It’s like having a yearly kick in the pants to do my comics.

The image is mine. I the post just needed a picture. Guess who!

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Things I’m (Not Supposed to be) Doing

Nanowrimo Camp Lantern Participant Badge


This is another post about procrastination. I do a lot of it.

April is Camp Nanowrimo! It used to be Script Frenzy, but since that’s no longer a thing, scripts have become a part of Camp. You can also set your own goal, which is new this year. I set mine to 30,000 words, 1000 words a day.  So that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.

Instead I’m:

  1. Wandering around the craft store (Ooh, I must have use for that, and that and that… I call the abundance of new ideas ‘crafter’s brain’)
  2. Reading about vintage sewing methods, modern sewing methods and drafting patterns
  3. Researching at handcraft marketplaces besides Etsy ( I may or may not decide to sell my crafts)
  4. Searching Pinterest for craft fails
  5. Cleaning my room (You saw that right)
  6. Listening to podcasts (Drawing while listening to podcasts is super helpful, not so much writing)
  7. Writing this post (okay, I should’ve written this a couple days ago, but…)
  8. Eating Easter candy (sugar, whoooo!)
  9. Eating leftover meatloaf (My grandmother’s recipe)
  10. Checking twitter and browsing links found there (All those tabs slowed my browser down…)
  11. Checking my email repeatedly
  12. Checking news links
  13. Some years ago, I procrastinated during Nanowrimo by watching Hannah Montana videos. (I am nowhere near the demographic that would make that okay. And unlike My Little Pony, I am indifferent to Miley Cyrus.)

So the cure for this procrastination is: Butt in the Chair and Writing (I didn’t come up with that phrase, but it’s super helpful). That is the only thing that is a real, lasting solution, to anything whether it is novel writing, graphic novel drawing or a job search.  I could ask why I can sit down and commit and go writing off on that tangent, but that just invites more procrastination. And 1000 words is not that much.

On the Nanowrimo boards one year, someone (I can’t remember who, sorry) mentioned that to enforce the butt in the chair thing, they actually took a scarf and tied themselves down. Some people use rewards, like chocolate, or new books, but those just distract me. I might try the scarf idea.


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Books in Brown Paper Bags

I finally got down to doing the book review thing as I’ve always been threatening. I’m trying to update every week with a new book. Some of the books I have been saving up with reviews. Rogue Moon, Treasure Island, and Underground London all have reviews up now.


Script Frenzy has started. I’m not really a script-writer, I realized, but I’m still writing one, or something that looks like one, this month.

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Copper Earrings

I made these earrings in the middle of April. I was going to give them away, but I didn’t like the workmanship (you can see the threads too well), so I didn’t give them away.

Red Stone and Copper Earrings

Red Stone and Copper Earrings

They are constructed with two sizes of copper beads (2 3mm, and 10 4mm), two silver donut-shaped beads, a twisted red jasper (I think), a jump ring, thin beading thread, and a ear wire.

The top part is the daisy chain stitch.  On the longer of the two tails I stacked a 3mm copper bead, a silver donut, and the twisted stone bead. at the bottom is three 4mm copper beads. I then threaded the tail back up the way I’d come until I go to the second tail, where, for lack of anything better to do, I tied a knot (with  dab of glue). I had to jam a jump ring in the top bead to attach the ear wires — not only difficult but probably weakened the thread too.

I like the design, but I need to work the kinks out, so they look more polished.

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Script Frenzy — DONE!


I’ve finished Script Frenzy, and won:

2009 Script Frenzy Winner Icon

2009 Script Frenzy Winner Icon

I got through 97 pages of story and then by putting the “frame” designation (I’m writing a graphic novel script, which I’ll be the only one to see) on a separate line, I got it up to 127 pages. Amazing what the “return” button can do.

So anyway, I’m back to world of the blogging.

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Link of the Week

I’m probably going to be a bit scarce this month with Script Frenzy and all.

I’ve gotten a bit behind in my pages (I’m still in the 25 page range, when I should’ve hit 30 by now).  I thought I’d leave everyone with this link:

The Ten Doctors

It’s a fan comic of Doctor Who using all the Doctors up to the tenth (obviously). It is brilliant and clever and can even substitute for the real thing in between seasons. That’s how good it is.

It’s also quite inspiring: It’s un-inked which preserves the vitality of the drawing. For the aspiring graphic novelist in me it’s also helpful to see how the figures are put together, and how with the right marks they can be made to be both simple and indentifiable.

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