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When to Fold? (On Giving Up)

Don't Worry. This is a muslin using an old bedsheet.

Don’t Worry. This is a muslin using an old bedsheet.

There is something to be said for being stubborn. To be an artist or craftsperson, you need tenacity, enough to see you to the end of a project. At some point (about the end of the second week of Nanowrimo) you will get discouraged. This can’t be any good you say, it’s cliche’d and badly made. You might push through, and your tenacity will have paid off.

Or not. In episode #12 of  Jason Brubaker’s Making Comics Podcast  (he also does the comic reMIND) they discussed knowing when it’s time to quit. Which got me thinking about Heinlein’s second rule of writing (you must finish what you start).

I started this jacket for a temp assignment interview, when I realized I didn’t have a suit. I had a pattern for a short jacket, and a skirt. I also had about three days before the interview. I knew from the start something extremely tailored would never work, because it’s impossible to make something professional looking in three days without any experience. I tried out the pattern before I bought any ‘real’ fabric luckily, and I knew by the middle of the second day this wasn’t going like I’d hoped. The project was abandoned and I bought something which worked (and got the assignment). Now there is no reason for me to finish the project. I don’t regret it — it will never be what I initially envisioned. Instead, I can focus my energy on to my navy blue knit dress.

There is tenacity and then there is trying to get a dead horse to run. When do you cut your losses and put a project out of it’s misery?  Knowing this is like knowing when something is done. It’s a matter of experience and a little luck (I had a printmaking teacher who would say you would have to lose something three times before you found it).

Heinlein’s Rules (for reference).



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To Just Cover Up… Or To Make Clothes That Look Good

On Saturday, I went clothes shopping. I’m taking a trip to Portland Oregon next week, so I thought I might want some warm clothes and a jacket. I don’t go clothes shopping very often. Being of a non-standard shape, I find  trying on piles and piles of shirts and jean that don’t fit and frankly look silly, to be mildly humiliating.  Yes, Yes, I know — very few people are ‘standard’ shape, but my bulges are all in places that I know if I had a teensy – weensiest bit more will power (and less boredom) I could get rid of.

I spend 3 and a half hours in one store and came out with the second thing I’d tried on. Most of the clothing is simple enough that I could make something better fitting in a better/more appropriate color/material with a flexible pattern and some time. It would work if I took that pocket off, or those ridiculous sleeves.

But I go to stores and try on Ill fitting clothes because I know that won’t happen. I’m not good enough to make clothes without a prefabricated pattern and certainly not good enough to make myself look good without a dressmaker’s form. An time…oh, time. Not going to happen, as much as I might dream — a little nip here a tuck here…

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