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My Very Own Wire Link Necklace

Wire_Chain_NecklaceMy roommate and her mother and I took a couple days and went to the coast. Their stated purpose was to make some beaded necklaces to sell. I don’t sell them, and beyond some jewelry mending, I had no jewelry planned out.

I remembered an antique wire necklace belonging to my mother. It’s bright antique green beads on silver wire. I had neither silver wire nor antique green beads, but I had a light copper colored wire and boxes and boxes of beads.

I used pink cultured pearls, light green faceted beads (with a bit of AB finish) and some dark pink glass beads I fished out of a bead mix. The wire was some 22 gauge wire ( I think) I bought for some other project. The wire bends a bit, whenever I tried to take the necklace off, so I will use something more sturdy next time.

At first I made the necklace of just the long links about 3/4 the length of my first finger. The end of each length of wire I made a wrapped loop. I connected them with homemade jump rings.¬† I turned each loop to face the same direction. I have no idea if this would have made a difference, but it made me feel better. The loops were wrapped similar to this tutorial, except I didn’t have the bent-nose pliers and had to wrap my wire by hand (my fingers were very sore afterwards).

The jump rings were made by wrapping the wire around a q-tip, (after I realized  I would never be able to get it off, I cut off the fluffy bit) and generally made them like these jump rings,  Though I was not concerned at the time (though I perhaps should have been) about making the ends of the wire flush.

It turned out a bit a short and stiff (most of it is made of lengths of wire). I added another, shorter link (the pink bead link, about the length of my fingernail) and it became a claspless necklace I can loop twice over my head.


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